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Search engine marketing is divided into two categories, paid and free. For purposes of starting up a new online business with little start-up capital I am going to concentrate on the free traffic from search engines. Selecting keywords that you will be targeting is probably the most important step in getting your site found by the search engines. Targeting a keyword that has millions of monthly searches would seem to be the thing to do; but, if you do that you are placing your site to compete with Millions of other sites competing for the same traffic. Not that you can't eventually rank high enough to get your site listed on the first page of the search engines, but you are most likely looking at years of hard work link building and creating page after page of content. Instead if you concentrate on search terms that are a little more obscure you are more likely to get on that coveted first page in a lot shorter period of time. Its not as easy as it sounds though, it still takes time to find the right terms that are related to the topic of your site but once you do you can put together a page that will draw traffic in a matter of weeks in some cases days. I recently read an e book called Google Sniper 2.0 which contained some of the most enlightening information on targeting smaller groups with small mini-sites that are geared to direct your reader on through to an affiliate sales page. If you are new to, or have struggled to get started in search engine marketing over a period of time, I would recommend you get a copy and follow its direction. I have found everything laid out in it to be spot on. The Author, George Brown teaches you how to pick the write keywords and use them on your site to get the maximum exposure to the search engines. The program is in an easy to follow PDF format and is accompanied by videos that will re-enforce the readers level of understanding Leaving little chance for failure if his program is followed to the letter George leads you through keyword research, Finding the right affiliate product, developing a niche site using word press, and getting back links using several social media sites. I have read a lot of SEO material over the years, and most of it pretty vague, I have not found anthing until now that I have found to be all that helpful. I recommend you visit my site listed in the bio blox for more information on Google Sniper 2.0.

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