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More and more consumers are realizing that the standard earphones that come within the boxes of the latest MP3's and smart-phones are a fraction of the cost and quality of the overall product offering. With that in mind, consumers are now accessorizing MP3's with better quality DJ style headphones for better overall sound quality, comfort and even as a fashion statement. Headphones can be perceived as an extension of a person's personality as there are brands that a renowned for production quality, and brands that are pure style over substance. With this in mind, it is important to know what to look for when buying a new pair of DJ headphones. Below is a breakdown of the features which should be considered when purchasing new headphones.

Quality of the Sound

At the end of the day, you are purchasing headphones to accentuate your music. You need to know that what you are buying takes your music to another level. All headphones will be able to generate a decent sound, yet you want headphones that offer a crisp sound and a good bass. So if possible, go into a music store and try them out. The internet is also a great resource, do your research via the search engines as most headphones have been reviewed by the end user, not just by the manufacturer.

Strong Construction

DJ headphones go through a great amount of toil, so you need to ensure that the mount of the earpads is strong for both ears. Check the earmuffs to make sure the stitching or the fix to the headset is firm as it is quite common for the earmuffs to come apart on cheaper earphones. The cable and jack also need to be firm, so give them a slight tug to evaluate whether they would survive greater strains.


Where possible, try them on. Most people use their headphones to listen to their MP3 player on a daily basis so you need to ensure that they cause no irritation and are a comfortable fit. If you are purchasing the headphones to be a fashion accessory then make sure the colours suit and that your hair doesn't get in a mess. A serious concern for vanity conscience!


Price is probably the most important influence when making a purchase, yet what should be remembered is that the more you spend then the better the headphones will be. This is in principal, as it assumes that the headphones are made from better materials and have extensive research and testing taken into account. Some other brands are known for their extensive marketing, so be sure that you are paying for materials than marketing.

Saying that though, there are cheaper brands that produce quality headphones and earphones for the price paid. So be sure you acknowledge value for money when buying unknown brands, as you will get more gems than duds.


When purchasing headphones then do your research, it will eradicate the chances of you buying a dud, If you're a DJ.

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